Whose Body is This, Anyway?

Most of us know nothing (or very little) about body mechanics.  And few of us really pay close attention and listen when our bodies “speak” to us.  We wonder why our “back goes out” or where the “hip pain” came from, or “why turning our neck is so difficult!”

We go through our days without thinking about how we sit or stand or walk or reach or bend or carry or even open a door.  Add to that the contortions that most of us experience when we use our handheld devices or are sitting at a computer, and, well, it’s amazing more of us are not in constant pain.

Of course most of us are aware of the influence that stress has on our well being and functioning, and how our mind influences our health.  But are we also aware of how paying attention to the slightest twinges can be helpful in protecting us from more serious injury?

I’ve always been conscious of health, wellness, and the mind – body – spirit connection.  I can’t even remember a time when I was not physically active and aware of myself in space.  But recently, my body “surprised” me when I Injured myself and the simplest movements became complicated and painful. Although well along the healing road now, I am much more aware of protecting my body and being even more mindful of “simple” movements.

There is a lot to learn when you are “flat out” and if we learn those lessons then our “time out” was not wasted.  Feeling angry, disappointed, sad, or whatever emotion emerges is natural.  However, staying in those places can contribute to healing’s detriment.  Learning the lessons can mean focusing on why something may have happened and how we can change our lives to move through life more consciously. This can be the proverbial silver lining.

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